Vagamon Views

Vagamon Views

Most Popular places in Vagamon

Vagamon Meadows

One of the main attraction of Vagamon is Vagamon Meadows located at Kolahalamedu , Ideal destination for treking and Hiking .Kolahalamedu is a small Village in Azhutha Taluk in Idukki District.You can rest yourself in the greenery spread across acres in Vagamon Meadows .Relax and spend your ideal time

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Pine Forest

Vagamon Pine Forest is must-visit destination in Vagamon, especially for nature lovers. Located on the Kottayam-Idukki border, the Pine Forest offers travelers some wonderful private moments amidst great natural surroundings. The marvellous beauty of the majestic pine trees holds your attention for a really long time and fills you with awe. The forest is a great place for picnics as well.

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Parunthum Para

Parunthumpara or 'Eagle Rock’ is situated near Peermedu in Idukki district, is a place famed for its pristine natural beauty. A trekker's delight offering a bird's eye view of an endless stretch of green forests and the landscape, Parunthumpara is a favourite of off-beat travellers. And if the sky is clear, the visitors can also get a view of the Sabarimala forests from here.

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Vagamon Lake

Vagamon Lake is Nestled in between three green hills, It's a slice of heaven tucked in the valley of Vagamon. Boating is the main attraction surrounded by lush greenery, the lake is a popular tourist spot that draws a lot of tourists.

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Panchalimedu, which is a historical place, however, it has started gaining popularity as one of the pristine and unpolluted hill stations in Kerala over a period of time. Surrounded by deep valleys and sky-high hills, Panchalimedu is a summer retreat for every tourist, who is looking forward to witnessing the unseen splendours of nature.

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Illikkal Kallu

Illickal Kallu is a major tourist attraction . Illikkal Kallu even though is an attraction itself as a beautiful scenic point as well as an adventurous destination, there are many other places nearby which makes the spot even more attractive to the tourists.

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Thangal Para

Thangal Para is another remarkable tourist attraction in Vagamon. The place is famous for being a pilgrimage centre for the believers in Islam. There is a big spherical rock, where remains the tomb of Sheikh Fariduddin. Every year thousands of devotees visit this place during the Urs festival. According to local beliefs, a Sufi saint of Afghani origin lived here many hundred years ago. Nearby, there is a very old cave; it is said that our ancestors lived in this cave. Visit Thangal Para and walk through this ancient cave. You will be transported into another world where you will experience a thrilling life in the caves.

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Kurisu Mala

Kurisumala is one of the most prominent pilgrim centres in South India. The word Kurisumala literally means Mount of the is flocked by followers specially during the Good Friday week. Its followers come from various part of the country to climb up the hills with wooden crosses. Kurisumala is one of the most popular tourist spots in Vagamon.

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Murugan Mala

Murugan Mala is a small hill situated on the eastern side of Kurisumala. The temple of Lord Murugan, situated on this hill, was constructed using a single rock. It is also known as the Murugan Para .Murugan Mala is a scenic hill in the region famous for a splendid rock-cut temple dedicated to Lord Murugan.

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